Saturday, August 19, 2006

This is just stupid

Stow has put price on police response

Stow's defense: Accidents are not part of what a cop does. Funny, Ohio law requires a police report to be filed for any accident where over $450 of damage is done. This is pointed out in the article. So, under Ohio law, any accident with over $450 of damage WOULD be part of a cops duties. This is going to fall pretty quick.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

The alphabet groups becoming irrelevant?

Thanks to Geek New Central for bringing this article to my attention.

With groups like BPI, RIAA and MPAA all running around screaming how the sky is falling. I think the need for these groups is falling. What artist of all types are finding out, you do not need the industry anymore. You can connect directly with your audience thanks to the internet.

Consider the Podsafe Music Network. Just this week Alice Cooper, yes THE Alice Cooper, added 3 songs to their network. James Brown has also put a song on this network. This allows podcasters to play these songs without worries the RIAA will come to sue their house away. Why do this? Marketing! These two are willing to forgo the $10 or $20 they may get in royalties with the hope of selling more albums or songs.

Face it - some people will always refuse to pay for music (or movies). Some simply do not recognize you are not paying for the song, but the process that went into creating that song. Some feel all information, including music, should be free. In the internet age. the music industry will need to evolve or die out like the dodo.

Friday, August 11, 2006

An even better idea

Ohio pokes while others speed up

Bob does have a point, however more important would be getting trucks to go the same speed as the rest of traffic. Forcing the big rigs to 55 while the rest of traffic is trying to move at 65 cases many of the same problems mentioned.

Many years ago my friends and I agreed that 55 was a stupid number. If they had lowered it to 60 more people would have been accepting of it. At 60 it becomes easy to figure out how long a trip will take - a mile a minute. I do not mind 60 that much, what I do mind is people whipping in and out of traffic.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Funny - Mel Gibson's Netflix Queue

DVD Dossier got a hold of Mel Gibson's Netflix queue. Well worth the read.

I do feel semi-sorry for Mel, although I find that when drunk people actually say how the really feel. This is probably not the end of his career, but he will definately lost some of the "Mel Gibson is in it I will watch it" audience.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

U.S. prepares for showdown in Cuba - Yahoo! News

U.S. prepares for showdown in Cuba - Yahoo! News

Ok, we have not learned yet. How many times have we sponsored someone to overflow a government only to have it bite us in the ass?

Iran warns oil could reach $200 on sanctions - Yahoo! News

Iran warns oil could reach $200 on sanctions - Yahoo! News

If I were in charge, my response to this threat from Iran would be to start a program much like was done with NASA to get us off oil, and push public transportation.

Wish I could read the whole article

Domain Of The Weird

GOP Senator’s staff member calls for the removal of Connecticut’s statehood because a newspaper editorial opposed ANWR drilling.

Does anyone engage their brain before speaking these days? The whole story (follow the links) appears to be behind a pay site ($265/year BTW), so I cannot see the entire context. Assuming the quote is accurate, yikes. Why am I reminded of the Borg?