Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Boston Globe on Netflix's Unlimited Vacation Policy


The Boston Globe featured Netflix's Steve Swasey in a story about companies that offer unlimited vacation time, Is Unlimited Vacation a Good Thing?

"We're always on, 24/7," says Swasey, a Netflix spokesman, who admits to checking his BlackBerry throughout a recent trip to Chile with his wife. Still, he insists cheerfully that he and his colleagues are "not being workaholic. It's being engaged with your job because you love what you do." Thanks to Netflix's unlimited vacation policy, Swasey leaves the office a lot. But the office usually goes with him.

The Boston Globe on Netflix's Unlimited Vacation Policy
Mon, 21 Jul 2008 16:27:39 GMT


Going through some old articles I had marked on feeds. I have mixed feelings on the idea of 'unlimited' vacation. On the plus side as long as you have your computer, Blackberry, etc. you can work. Wife presenting a paper in France? Want to spend an extra day? Flight gets canceled? Want to fly standby? No worries! Also can help out with a spouse that has lots of vacation at their job. Sure you may be in the hotel working part of the day, but at least you can be with the family.

On the down side it does not sound like people get time away from work. I find that the whole 'getting away' from the office helps to not only recharge the batteries but it gives you a chance to clean up the to do list, update all your notes and just generally make sure everything is organized for people who have to pick up any work while you are away. In fact the organization factor is possibly more helpful than recharging your batteries.

Monday, November 10, 2008

John Williams & Star Wars Goodness

I just got around to watching this and want to thank Brian over at Coverville for posting An A Capella tribute to John Williams. It is just weird to hear quotes/themes from Star Wars as lyrics but all sung to John Williams soundtracks. Worth the listen!