Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bush signs Voting Rights act extension - Yahoo! News

Bush signs Voting Rights act extension - Yahoo! News

As a play to minorities, this is a slap in the face. If the Republicans REALLY cared, why not make the provisions of the Votings Rights Act permanent? So for another 25 years minorities will be able to continue to vote. What happens 25 years from now? Do we get to go back to what it was like before this law was enacted?

If you want minority support, show them they matter. Make this permanent.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Along for the Journey

Wil Wheaton pointed to a blog entry by Scalzi about Journey. A great walk down memory lane.

As someone who graduated high school in the 80s, Journey was pretty much at the top of my favorite groups. For most of my friends, it was a toss up between Journey and local favorite Michael Stanley Band for the #1 spot. (MSB lost appeal when I got into college because of a broken record in the student center's jukebox, but that is another story.)

For me the Raised On Radio album was when I started to loose interest. I, like many, were a little pissed with the change from the one-word album titles for new albums. Steve Perry was starting his solo work, which always felt like Journey-light to me. The firing of 2 band members, for no apparent reason, showed egos were becoming an issue. You could see the writing on the wall for the breakup.

Although I picked up Trial by Fire, it just did not feel the same. I even remember in interviews when the tour was cancelled one of the band members had said that the same issues from the original breakup were still there.

I did get a DVD of a Japanese concert from there Arrival tour. It had the feel of the old Journey. I have yet to get their latest album. Frankly Arrival was a surprise to me. One of the problems of becoming old - you just can't keep up with everything.

Even with my changing tastes in music, Journey is still a constant in my play list. And as Scalzi pointed out, Journey is up there with Barry White for make out music.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Gays accused of discrimination in US resort village

I find this somewhat amusing. I don't like discrimination of any type, and especially the racial discrimination mentioned in the article. BUT I do like it when people get a taste of their own medicine. Maybe some people will get an understanding of what it is like to be at the wrong end of discrimination.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

'Sixth Sense' star in hospital after crash - Yahoo! News

'Sixth Sense' star in hospital after crash - Yahoo! News

I found it interesting that he was driving a 1995 Saturn. Haley Joel Osment has been a lot of movies and TV shows before he turned 18. I am not sure if he is being frugal or just has no money, but still interesting.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Doing away with pennies

Penny saved is a penny spurned

Personally I am against this, but if we are getting rid of pennies, we might as well get rid of nickels. They also cost more than $.05 to make. If this is a purely economical reason, then why not change the materials they are made of. They have done it before - during WWII they made the pennies out of steel for a couple of years. No reason they could not make them out of steel, aluminum or any other material.

They have been debating for years on getting rid of pennies for years - worthless coins like the half penny. Maybe so, but the question becomes where does it end? Eventually we eliminate all coins. They would fall prey to the "worthless coin" mentality. So with no coins if your bill came to $5.10 (or even $5.01) you would have to pay $6 for that purchase - you know no business would write off that dime and they cannot give you change for $6.

Dollar bills have likewise been talked about as "worthless".

Monday, July 17, 2006

Netflix Anxiety

Newsweek on Severe Netflix Anxiety

Brad Stone in Newsweek writes about Netflix-related maladies such as Netflix guilt and Severe Netflix Anxiety (SNA), Netflix Guilt.

My worst movie, so far, is Fahrenheit 9/11 which I had for a month or so before watching. This does not count my Spiritual Cinema Circle discs I mention below.

There are sooo many options out there now for entertainment that people are paying for: Cable, Netflix/Blockbuster, satelite radio, music services, newspapers and the Internet (let's not get into the various free sources here). It is a miracle we are able to pay attention to anything. If I have been seeing a bunch of heavy stuff in the news, Fahrenehit 9/11 or Maria Full Of Grace are not going to be first on my list to watch. Weekend at Bernie's is more likely.

I was 6 months behind in my Spiritual Cinema Circle. The movies are great, but I have two issues with watching the discs immediately. First is time. I like to watch the discs in one sitting, but I need to plan 2.5-3 hours, more than the typical movie. Second is the subject matter. There is a mix of drama & comedies, but they all make you think. So if there is a chance I may fall asleep or will divide my attention I will not pop in one of these discs.
Banned Md. skateboarders find a refuge

I am not surprised by the banning of public skateboarders, although for me skateboards were a mode of transportation. We were not allowed to ride bikes to school (even though there was a bike rake), so skateboards were a quick way to get to school (home was another matter). We could throw them in a bag and then in our lockers.

Times have changed of course. Now people sue anyone for any little thing, even when it was their own stupidity. That is why you see all those "NO biking, skatboarding, blades, drulling, etc." signs everywhere. I wonder if I was to ride up to one of the malls on my bike if I would be turned away even though I am just using my bike as transportation and not doing stupid human tricks.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Congress debates ban on Internet gambling - Yahoo! News

Congress debates ban on Internet gambling - Yahoo! News:

Internet gambling is addictive, dangerous and should be outlawed,...

Mmmmm....cigarettes are also addictive & dangerous yet you do not outlaw them. Same goes for alcohol. For that matter there are many addicted to sex, yet it is still legal. (At least as long as you are a man & a woman, with the lights out and ONLY for procreation. Did I get enough sarcasm in that?)

Is the drunk that looses his job any different from a gambler who looses his money? ANYTHING can be addictive, dangerous, and a "serious threat to families and our society" (from Rep. Tom Osborne). Interestingly you can still bet on horses online. Can you say hypocrisy? I knew that you could.

This reeks of two things. First an election year tidbit to the conservatives who think everyone is stupid and needs to be treated like a 10 year old. Second, and more likely, this is a way to drive more money into real-world casinos that are sprouting up more and more across the nation. Real-world gambling = more money for government.

I do not gamble, online or otherwise. I do not see the fun in it. At least with poker there is some skill involved and there is some control in your hands. If you are going to stop one type of gambling online, then ALL types must be stopped.

An interesting side note - there is a note that most sports approve this ban because they feel that "web wagering could hurt the integrity of their sports." There have been plenty of documented cases of thrown games before online betting, and there will be plenty after. As long as there is ANY betting there will be no integrity.