Monday, July 17, 2006

Netflix Anxiety

Newsweek on Severe Netflix Anxiety

Brad Stone in Newsweek writes about Netflix-related maladies such as Netflix guilt and Severe Netflix Anxiety (SNA), Netflix Guilt.

My worst movie, so far, is Fahrenheit 9/11 which I had for a month or so before watching. This does not count my Spiritual Cinema Circle discs I mention below.

There are sooo many options out there now for entertainment that people are paying for: Cable, Netflix/Blockbuster, satelite radio, music services, newspapers and the Internet (let's not get into the various free sources here). It is a miracle we are able to pay attention to anything. If I have been seeing a bunch of heavy stuff in the news, Fahrenehit 9/11 or Maria Full Of Grace are not going to be first on my list to watch. Weekend at Bernie's is more likely.

I was 6 months behind in my Spiritual Cinema Circle. The movies are great, but I have two issues with watching the discs immediately. First is time. I like to watch the discs in one sitting, but I need to plan 2.5-3 hours, more than the typical movie. Second is the subject matter. There is a mix of drama & comedies, but they all make you think. So if there is a chance I may fall asleep or will divide my attention I will not pop in one of these discs.

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