Thursday, November 05, 2009

Still Trying To Catch Up

Still trying to catch up after being out of town. I finally got my car cleaned up. Woohoo! Of course I am packing with stuff to move along that has been piling up in the house, but I am making progress.

I have a couple of books I wanted to talk about, but I think I am going to leave that for now and get back to work.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloween Idiots

Over the weekend my nephew was mugged for his candy. Although loosing the candy was annoying, the bigger problem was the assault on him. Fortunately all is well, BUT:

  • The idiots who did this got lucky that his mom saw it and not his dad while driving around. Otherwise they may have ended up in his tire tread.
  • They are equally lucky that the people a few houses away, who get help from my nephew on a regular basis and view him as a son, did not witness the 3-on-1 attack and make use of their concealed carry permits, gunning them down where they stood.
  • Fortunate that his dad or myself had not heard him yell. We were at the end of the block. We were outside handing out candy and talking. His methods of 'subduing' are rather painful and don't leave marks. Trust me - I have been victim of them myself growing up. He will also ensure you are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. A 3-on-1 attack where you are all 6 inches taller than the victim don't go over well with judges, and especially juries.

Since my brother grew up on the block and most everyone there views him, and his kids, as family the only thing your $4 or $5 worth of candy has bought is some short term joy and a chance that no one on the block will hand out candy next year.

Thank you for ruining Halloween for everyone in the future. (Where is that sarcasm font...)