Monday, February 27, 2006

Late post

I have been a bad blogger. Almost a week ago I received a package from my secret pal in Spoil A Blogger. I got a copy of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I did not have a copy this. I saw it in the theaters and loved it. I thought it was much better than the version done by the BBC back in the 8o's. I know some people were upset because they included some things from the BBC radio show as well, but I still liked it.

I have to remember to keep my Amazon wish list up to date. Merlin over at 43 Folders recommends using your Amazon Wish List as a parking place for books, CDs, etc. you are looking to buy. I like the idea, although I have yet to take the time to figure out how to get the Amazon Wish List onto my Palm. Two way communication between my Palm and Amazon wish list would even be better.

Microsoft Plans New Windows Products - Yahoo! News

Microsoft Plans New Windows Products - Yahoo! News

There are too many versions of Windows Vista. Users will be confused. They need 2 versions: Home & work.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Checking in

I have not been feeling the need to post here on personal things for awhile, so I figured I should check in. Weather is still weird here, and I am feeling it a little still.

Mostly tonight I wanted to clear out some things from my personal to do list. An important project has washed up on my desk at work and I want to get some things cleared up here at home just in case the shit hits the fan on this and a bad time for me. I definately have mixed feelings on the project. I've been told it is simple, but I have heard THAT all too many times before. My intent is to whip it out quickly and easily, but that pain in the butt Murphy tends to have other things to say about my intent.

Actually I just looked at the time and realized I have not had dinner. A group of us at work go out once a month for lunch. We work in different departments but we like to get together and catch up. Today we went to a Chinese buffet so I am feeling a little full.

Justices to Revisit Late-Term Abortion Ban - Yahoo! News

Justices to Revisit Late-Term Abortion Ban - Yahoo! News

And so it begins...

Beacon Journal | 02/21/2006 | Blackwell hurls series of attack ads

Beacon Journal | 02/21/2006 | Blackwell hurls series of attack ads

Down and dirty during the primary. Just remind us all of all the crap currently going on with the Republican controlled Ohio government. I have one thing to say:

Thank you Ken Blackwell.

Truth be told, I would not vote for you anyways. I saw one of your early ads, one that was not an attack ad. I do not agree with your views. Period. I also feel your views, as presented in that ad, will do nothing but harm Ohio.

If you want to attact smart, creative, young people to this state you don't concern yourself with taxes. You concern yourself with making the state a place where someone who is different feels comfortable. Has anyone listened to the reports put out by consultants for cities here in Ohio? Young creative people choose where to live, then worry about getting a job. Countries that have opened their borders (and wallets) to gay researchers are, surprise, getting gay researchers to flock to those countries. Worry about the environment, the parks, public transportation, and yes getting industry to come here. But more and more people do not have to go to their jobs, their jobs can come to them. Build a state that supports that, people will come, and then industry will follow.

Beacon Journal | 02/21/2006 | Prayer request puts Hartville in holy battle

Beacon Journal | 02/21/2006 | Prayer request puts Hartville in holy battle:

They want to invite pastors or rabbis from Hartville churches or churches where village residents worship to say the prayer. Hough said he would like it limited to Judeo-Christian religions.

This is the only reason I am against prayer at governmetn meetings. If you are going to start the meeting with a prayer, and invite in ministers, then you also need to allow for any other religion within city bounds in this case. That also means that the ACLU or other group cannot trot in a ringer to test the law.

From the mayor:

``My luck is I'll have someone coming in doing satanic things and then I'm the anti-Christ and a devil worshipper,'' she said. ``I don't see how I can"

You cannot because people do not get that freedom of religion means all religions. If you are opening up a public forum with prayer then you need to allow all religions to participate or no religion to participate. Otherwise you are giving preferential treatment to some religions, which is a way of endorsing it, which violates the separation of church and state.

Sometimes people are stupid. Personally if a satanist was to do the opening prayer/blessing (a reasonable request to keep this to the spoken word of X number of minutes) I would not think that the council, mayor, or anyone involved in the process was necessarily a satanist.


There are times I want to ship off all the whiny people who complain about how their relgion is shit on to a situation where they are truly not allowed to practice the religion. Maybe a year living in a predominately Muslim country would teach them a thing or two about persecution and let them appreciate how good they have it here in America.


Monday, February 20, 2006

Beacon Journal | 02/19/2006 | Hypothermia? B-b-b-bring it on!

Beacon Journal | 02/19/2006 | Hypothermia? B-b-b-bring it on!

I have yet to see the interest in joining the polar bear club by jumping into a near frozen lake. They're nuts I say. Nuts!

Beacon Journal | 02/19/2006 | Hypothermia? B-b-b-bring it on!

Beacon Journal | 02/19/2006 | Hypothermia? B-b-b-bring it on!

I have yet to see the interest in joining the polar bear club by jumping into a near frozen lake. They're nuts I say. Nuts!

Scripting News: 2/19/2006

Scripting News: 2/19/2006

Is this like "Kill all the extremist"? ;)

Dems: Public Won't Like Medicare Plan - Yahoo! News

Dems: Public Won't Like Medicare Plan - Yahoo! News

One of the worst things about this, based upon this and other articles, is that some people who were getting free drugs from individual drug companies now have to pay. At least one of the drug companies, and I don't remember which one, WANTED to help out but the way the legislation was written they were not.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Berry Can't Escape 'Catwoman' During Award - Yahoo! News

Berry Can't Escape 'Catwoman' During Award - Yahoo! News:

Congratulations to Halle Berry. It is nice to see a fellow Ohioian (even if she does not live here anymore) do well.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Houston, we have wifi!

I'm back!! Woo hoo!

Apparently my old wireless router went coasters up (or, more appropriately, rubber feet up). We had blinky lights, could connect to it, but it was not allowing the internet through. Kind of defeats the purpose of the router. Granted I have not swapped the antennas for my high-gain antennas that gives me some kick-ass coverage. Right now I am sitting right next to the router, about 12 inches from the antenna so I am getting excellent reception. The setup program provided did not work, but if I skipped the setup everything worked great.

Now, of course, having cleared out space to put my laptop in my office (also know as the dumping ground) I found the comfort of sitting in my comfy office chair with my computer on a desk where I can easily move my legs under the table. Normally I work with a folding table in the living room.

Just double checking to see if w.Blogger works. So far all my internet apps have worked great. Now I just need to swap antennas.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Star Trek New Voyages

Star Trek New Voyages

Another all-volunteer labor of love project that is free. Much like Star Wars: Revelations this is a project of the fans.

This takes the original Star Trek to a new frontier - season 4. There are new actors playing our favorite roles. They do capture the idea of the character, but bring in a different twist.

I downloaded the pilot & episode 1 and I have to say they are pretty good. The effects were not as good in episode 1 as the pilot, in my opinion, but still pretty good. The acting reminded me of a local theater group - good but not great. Overall though it was well worth the time to download and watch. Best part - it is free of comercials!

Looks like they do one or two episodes a year, which I think is pretty good given it is all volunteers. Revelations took 2+ years for a 45 minute (roughly) film.

Beacon Journal | 02/14/2006 | Smoking ban may wait year

Beacon Journal | 02/14/2006 | Smoking ban may wait year

So, we pass a law that kinda, sort-of bans smoking in Summit county (except Akron & Cuyahoga Falls who already have laws), and then we back off and say "just kidding"? Grow a pair and leave the law as is! You can always change to the state-wide law later.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Not been myself

I have not been myself lately, and who I have been pretty much sucks. The big problem is I have been having "senior moments". The worst being I took a can soup to work for lunch, but forgot that in our new building (where we have been at for almost a year) does not have a can opener.

Things are getting better. I am feeling better, which is tied to the weather settling down some here. Up & down weather just zaps my energy. I have a few blog ideas that I need to work on over the next few days. I also need to do an episode of "This Old Blog" to rework some of my blog.

I lost my internet connection over the weekend, so I am heading directly home after work to deal with that. Tough to have ideas floating through you head I should still be writing these things up and have them ready, but I was being lazy over the weekend.

Hopefully my ISP will be back up and I can do some stuff this evening. It really sucked being without the internet for the last 2, almost 3 days.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

CURRY.COM: Adam Curry's Weblog

CURRY.COM: Adam Curry's Weblog

Looks like a new model. Anyone who listens to Adam's Daily Source Code (or Delta Sierra Charly as it is usually referred to) know he has been talking about this. Getting advertisers to bid to put ads on your show. Kinda cool!

Hezbollah Leader to Bush: 'Shut Up' - Yahoo! News

Hezbollah Leader to Bush: 'Shut Up' - Yahoo! News:

I wonder if people actually pay attention to what they say, and take a look around at the world and see if what they say lines up with it.

"'Nobody should blame the Muslims if they are unhappy about the images of the Prophet Muhammad,' Sherif said. 'It's forbidden to create a hate program to show that the prophet is a terrorist while he's not. Don't ask us to try to make people understand that this is not a campaign of hate.'

To me, hate is hate. Rioting & burning down buildings is hate to me. I can see NO justification for such a reaction to cartoons. A right to be angry? Yes. A right to destroy things? No. To me the response is way out of line.

Nasrallah, a black-turbaned, bearded cleric, demanded an apology for the cartoons and laws to prevent a repetition.

'There can be no settlement before an apology and there can be no settlement before laws are legislated by the European Parliament and the parliaments of European countries,' he said.

Islamic nations should demand 'a law committing the press and the media in the West that proscribes insulting our prophet. If this matter cannot be achieved that means they (West) insist on continuing this,' he added. " You can ask, but we are not going to do it. Strict Islamic nations are asked to treat women better, but they usually do not.

This one in particular I thought was funny:

Nasrallah said that if the controversy touched on Jews or Israel the West would have reacted differently and quickly.

For some reason I don't see Jews rioting or burning down embassies over a cartoon. I don't see Israel taking on the world unless we conform to their ideals. Granted at one point I heard they did want to right to have rulership on any Jew anywhere in the world, but that memory is a bit fuzzy so I don't put a lot of stock in it.

Organized religion of any type is not much on freedom, but this is getting out of hand.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Google Battles Broadband Provider Fee - Yahoo! News

Google Battles Broadband Provider Fee - Yahoo! News

Now I think we need to make 2 things clear:

1) As pointed out, as a consumer we pay for broadband.
2) Although NOT pointed out, companies like Google, Yahoo, etc. also pay for connectivity. AT&T, Verizon, etc do not let them hook up for free. I'm not sure about Vonage or Skype.

However, the problem is that broadband is changing how people do business. Skype and Vonage make it cheaper (and in some cases free) than having long distance even on your cell plan. In fact I just heard one guy on a podcast say his roaming in India was something like $4/minute for his cell. Skype was something like $.05/minute. Phone cards even have trouble at those prices.

DVD, iTunes, and Netflix (and similar companies) are changing the way we use cable. I recently cut back on my cable because it is cheaper for me to buy the shows I watched on a regular basis through iTunes or on DVD than to pay the amount they were asking for those channels.

Much like the music industry and now the movie industry, phone & cable companies are going to have to learn to change. Time Warner, at least here in Akron, offer bundles of cable, broadband & internet phone. They are adapting. AT&T needs to adapt also. DSL needs to get faster, cheaper, or ideally both. Can you beat the cost of Time Warner when bundling phone & internet service? Can you even cover all of Akron so *I* could even have the choice of AT&T?

I was listening to a podcast on the way in that made a good point - the lines between computer & TV are blurring. That has been true for music for some time, and is becoming true for phone service. "Old-timers" in these industries are going to have to learn to adapt or go the way of the dinosaurs.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Spoil-A-Blogger: Round 3 Questions

Spoil-A-Blogger: Round 3 Questions

I am trying something a little different and participating in Spoil-A-Blogger. Here are the answers:

Round 3 Questions

1. What is your favorite color?
Blue, but I also like green.

2. What is your favorite scent?
Pine, citrus

3. Where is your favorite place to vacation?
I like cities where I can walk and see interesting things. The only place I have been multiple times is VA Beach.

4. Do you collect anything?

5. Do you have a favorite tv show?
Monk, CSI, House

6. Are you crafty? If so, how?
Not really. I have a collection of gel pens I use for mind mapping/brain storming but that is about it.

7. Do you have kids?

8. Do you have pets?
Yes - 2 cats Bright Eyes & Fuzzbutt.

9. What kind of movies do you like?
Comedies, romantic comedies especially. Action/adventures and sci fi are also high on my list.

10. What kind of music do you listen to?
Most anything except rap & older country music. Some modern country music like Faith Hill is ok. (It sounds more like pop to me.) The bulk of my CD collection is late 70s/early 80s pop/rock.

11. What kind of books do you like to read?
Mysteries, sci fi, books on astrology.

12. Do you have a favorite magazine?
Utne Reader

13. What is your favorite weekend activity?
Volksmarches (walking - more). Just started Geocaching which is fun as well. Also enjoy watching movies.

14. What kind of work do you do?
Computer programming.

15. What do you do for fun?
Walking, reading, watching movies.

Google to Unveil New Chat Feature - Yahoo! News

Google to Unveil New Chat Feature - Yahoo! News

I have had a post kicking around my head, but this announcement leads me to believe Google is becoming like the Borg. I need to get this post out.

NASA Focuses on Developing New Moon Craft - Yahoo! News

NASA Focuses on Developing New Moon Craft - Yahoo! News

Now I don't want to sound stupid, but why does it take 12 years to develop a new craft to go to the Moon? If you look at the history from NASA attempts to do some manned or unmanned missions to the Moon date back to 1958, about 11 years before the first manned landing.

Thirty or so years ago we had a craft capable of landing on the Moon. It is not like they need to go back to the drawing board on this. Why so long?

As a side note - NASA's research will, eventually, affect the private sector much like how research in the military industry ripples out. It gives the economy a boost. I would rather see NASA getting the research money than the military.

Protests Over Drawings a 'Global Crisis' - Yahoo! News

Protests Over Drawings a 'Global Crisis' - Yahoo! News: "Fogh Rasmussen "

Now having seen the comics I have to agree that Muslims have a reason to be offended. However I do not see a reason for the rioting and other destructive actions taken.

If situation was reversed: If an Iranian (Iraqi, etc.) paper made similarly offending cartoons about Christians and the Christians reacted like the Muslims did no doubt there would be cries of us keeping the Muslims down.

Might I add the Muslim reaction (which, no doubt, is from a small number of people) does nothing to make the case for Islam being a religion of peace.

Beacon Journal | 02/07/2006 | Facts about chickenpox

Beacon Journal | 02/07/2006 | Facts about chickenpox

Ok, looks like 100 people nation wide. Pretty low number.

Beacon Journal | 02/07/2006 | Heading off Chickenpox

Beacon Journal | 02/07/2006 | Heading off Chickenpox

This is a disease I'm not sure we really need a vaccine for. Granted I had an extremely light case of chicken pox. My brother probably would have killed for the vaccine with the case he got from me. Same with my one niece who was the last of the 3 (at the time) to get them (over Christmas to boot). They say there was 100 children a year who died from chicken pox (not sure what the population size is). Even if this is just Akron (and I think more like Ohio-wide), it still seems like a pretty low number to pad the drug companies already swelled bottom lines.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Beacon Journal | 02/06/2006 | Akron could get new garbage trucks, bins

Beacon Journal | 02/06/2006 | Akron could get new garbage trucks, bins

Although forcing me to spend $50 for trash pick up pisses me off, I am glad to see they will at least give me a discount for doing what I already do - recycling. I like it even more that they are going to punish those who do not recycle with higher trash rates.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Warm Winter Weather Not Likely to Last - Yahoo! News

Warm Winter Weather Not Likely to Last - Yahoo! News

This may sound weird, but I am happy the colder weather is coming. The last month or so has been right around one of those temperature borders, for me, makes it tough to not only dress but adjust to the weather. I prefer it to get cold and stay cold.

Fifth Harry Potter Movie to Start Filming - Yahoo! News

Fifth Harry Potter Movie to Start Filming - Yahoo! News

I have mixed feelings about this. I love that the filming has started on the fifth movie, but at the same time the fifth book was my least favorite to date.

To me not only did the story feel rushed but some of the things done to Harry, in particular, was flat out abusive and I felt the teenage rebelion thing was overplayed.