Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Beacon Journal | 02/21/2006 | Prayer request puts Hartville in holy battle

Beacon Journal | 02/21/2006 | Prayer request puts Hartville in holy battle:

They want to invite pastors or rabbis from Hartville churches or churches where village residents worship to say the prayer. Hough said he would like it limited to Judeo-Christian religions.

This is the only reason I am against prayer at governmetn meetings. If you are going to start the meeting with a prayer, and invite in ministers, then you also need to allow for any other religion within city bounds in this case. That also means that the ACLU or other group cannot trot in a ringer to test the law.

From the mayor:

``My luck is I'll have someone coming in doing satanic things and then I'm the anti-Christ and a devil worshipper,'' she said. ``I don't see how I can"

You cannot because people do not get that freedom of religion means all religions. If you are opening up a public forum with prayer then you need to allow all religions to participate or no religion to participate. Otherwise you are giving preferential treatment to some religions, which is a way of endorsing it, which violates the separation of church and state.

Sometimes people are stupid. Personally if a satanist was to do the opening prayer/blessing (a reasonable request to keep this to the spoken word of X number of minutes) I would not think that the council, mayor, or anyone involved in the process was necessarily a satanist.


There are times I want to ship off all the whiny people who complain about how their relgion is shit on to a situation where they are truly not allowed to practice the religion. Maybe a year living in a predominately Muslim country would teach them a thing or two about persecution and let them appreciate how good they have it here in America.


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