Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Beacon Journal | 02/21/2006 | Blackwell hurls series of attack ads

Beacon Journal | 02/21/2006 | Blackwell hurls series of attack ads

Down and dirty during the primary. Just remind us all of all the crap currently going on with the Republican controlled Ohio government. I have one thing to say:

Thank you Ken Blackwell.

Truth be told, I would not vote for you anyways. I saw one of your early ads, one that was not an attack ad. I do not agree with your views. Period. I also feel your views, as presented in that ad, will do nothing but harm Ohio.

If you want to attact smart, creative, young people to this state you don't concern yourself with taxes. You concern yourself with making the state a place where someone who is different feels comfortable. Has anyone listened to the reports put out by consultants for cities here in Ohio? Young creative people choose where to live, then worry about getting a job. Countries that have opened their borders (and wallets) to gay researchers are, surprise, getting gay researchers to flock to those countries. Worry about the environment, the parks, public transportation, and yes getting industry to come here. But more and more people do not have to go to their jobs, their jobs can come to them. Build a state that supports that, people will come, and then industry will follow.

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