Thursday, February 09, 2006

Hezbollah Leader to Bush: 'Shut Up' - Yahoo! News

Hezbollah Leader to Bush: 'Shut Up' - Yahoo! News:

I wonder if people actually pay attention to what they say, and take a look around at the world and see if what they say lines up with it.

"'Nobody should blame the Muslims if they are unhappy about the images of the Prophet Muhammad,' Sherif said. 'It's forbidden to create a hate program to show that the prophet is a terrorist while he's not. Don't ask us to try to make people understand that this is not a campaign of hate.'

To me, hate is hate. Rioting & burning down buildings is hate to me. I can see NO justification for such a reaction to cartoons. A right to be angry? Yes. A right to destroy things? No. To me the response is way out of line.

Nasrallah, a black-turbaned, bearded cleric, demanded an apology for the cartoons and laws to prevent a repetition.

'There can be no settlement before an apology and there can be no settlement before laws are legislated by the European Parliament and the parliaments of European countries,' he said.

Islamic nations should demand 'a law committing the press and the media in the West that proscribes insulting our prophet. If this matter cannot be achieved that means they (West) insist on continuing this,' he added. " You can ask, but we are not going to do it. Strict Islamic nations are asked to treat women better, but they usually do not.

This one in particular I thought was funny:

Nasrallah said that if the controversy touched on Jews or Israel the West would have reacted differently and quickly.

For some reason I don't see Jews rioting or burning down embassies over a cartoon. I don't see Israel taking on the world unless we conform to their ideals. Granted at one point I heard they did want to right to have rulership on any Jew anywhere in the world, but that memory is a bit fuzzy so I don't put a lot of stock in it.

Organized religion of any type is not much on freedom, but this is getting out of hand.

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