Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Checking in

I have not been feeling the need to post here on personal things for awhile, so I figured I should check in. Weather is still weird here, and I am feeling it a little still.

Mostly tonight I wanted to clear out some things from my personal to do list. An important project has washed up on my desk at work and I want to get some things cleared up here at home just in case the shit hits the fan on this and a bad time for me. I definately have mixed feelings on the project. I've been told it is simple, but I have heard THAT all too many times before. My intent is to whip it out quickly and easily, but that pain in the butt Murphy tends to have other things to say about my intent.

Actually I just looked at the time and realized I have not had dinner. A group of us at work go out once a month for lunch. We work in different departments but we like to get together and catch up. Today we went to a Chinese buffet so I am feeling a little full.

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A quick (offtopic) reminder that you are invited to the inaugural session of Akron Meet the Bloggers tomorrow with Betty Sutton. Details here.