Thursday, February 26, 2009

Netflix Customers To Stream More Movies Than DVD in 2009?



The only problem with FeedFlix's data is that there are only a small number of subscribers that are using the service, so I believe that the information reflects early adopters that are more likely to be using Netflix's streaming service. 

Netflix Customers To Stream More Movies Than DVD in 2009?
Wed, 25 Feb 2009 05:04:53 GMT

I have to agree with the above statement.

If I can stream (or download to a set top box) the entirety of Netflix's library then it a great idea. No waiting for the DVD to arrive. Being able to easier switch films based on how you are feeling is great. Hey I have run to rent a DVD just because I wanted to watch something funny and had only dramas at home.

However just as streaming/large downloads are becoming more common ISPs (Internet Service Provider) are looking to go to a tiered pricing plan. What do I mean? Think how your cell phone works - you get X number of minutes and have to pay, a lot, if you run over. The problem though is some ISPs are cutting off service when you hit your data limits. This is the wrong model for using the Internet, but that is a whole other rant :).

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Getting caught up

I like getting caught up, or at least mostly caught up. Still have some emails to dig through.

At least on the up side, my Blockbuster queue is not accessable. I cleared out about a dozen or so movies that I had already rented.  I also got caught up with the Spiritual Cinema Circle DVDs.

Now to watch my birthday DVDs...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blockbuster Eliminating Due Dates on In-Store Exchanges; Counting In-Store Exchanges as Part of Plan


Blockbuster is quietly testing the elimination of  due dates for in-store exchanges in two markets, and will roll this out to all customers in March. Blockbuster is also updating the website so that in-store rentals will appear in a customer's queue and rental history, helping to eliminate duplicate rentals.

Sorry guys, this is stupid. This will do nothing but confuse customers. Customers who are paying extra to have  TotalAccess. Customers who have gotten used to having the whole process of getting the next DVD in the queue sped up by exchanging the DVD in the store.

Don't try to pass this off as a service to the customers - this is a way to make money. That DVD we exchange at the store pushes off the shipping fees to the customer.

Between this move and not being able to get into my queue for about 2 months now I will have to seriously consider dropping my membership. (Oh, and yes the Blockbuster tech guys are 'working on it', and even offer free in-store rentals. Never mind that I have chewed through most of the in-store movies that I want to watch.)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Palm pulls the plug on Palm OS, bets the future on Pre's webOS - Network World

Palm pulls the plug on Palm OS, bets the future on Pre's webOS - Network World

I love the Palm OS - it is small, fast and perfectly suited for hand held use. This leaves me in a bit of a pickle. I love Life Balalnce software, but it only runs on Palm & iPhone, at least mobile. I also like to use Quicken and Pocket Quicken in particular to enter transactions on the fly. Quicken's on-line options do not sync with desktop Quicken. That is fine, for those who spend all their time online AND have a data plan on their cell/smart phone. Pocket Quicken also comes on Windows Mobile, but having used that in the past I do not really like it as well as the Palm interface.

No real rush - my current unit is still in good shape. Just need to make some time to do some research. I am sure I can find replacement for several the apps I use. Just one thing I did not want to deal with.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Getting caught up

January was a busy month, but I am finally getting some things cleared out. I hope to have more time to post, but right now I am still need to do some work.