Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Code Monkey

I've been sitting on this for awhile now only because there was a warning on the link I had and I wanted to wait until I had some time at home to watch this. Nothing I think would get you fired, but some workplaces may have problems with 1 scene. You've been warned.

I loved Jonathan Coulton's song Code Monkey. Never even thought to see if was available through places like iTunes. Doh! Actually he has many places to pick up his songs & albums. Added to my list of things to buy.

Actually I never connected Jonathan with Code Monkey, or his folk cover of 'Baby Got Back' which I have heard on Coverville. Never connected these were the same singers. One of the side effects of having music in the background I guess.

The reason all this has come up is I was recently catching up on a video podcast that had an interview with Jonathan and one of the things talked about was the  Thing-a-week project. Now over, you can still pick up all 52 songs he wrote over the course of a year for free.

I find the Thing-a-week project interesting. It sounds like a great way one can focus on honing a skill. Song writing makes this easy - one new song a week. Most creative outlets could do this - one new story, painting, photo, sculpture, etc. a week. Really anything that can give 1 complete something in 1 week's time would be ideal for this.

Wonder if I could apply this to programming? I am a code monkey after all :).