Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Along for the Journey

Wil Wheaton pointed to a blog entry by Scalzi about Journey. A great walk down memory lane.

As someone who graduated high school in the 80s, Journey was pretty much at the top of my favorite groups. For most of my friends, it was a toss up between Journey and local favorite Michael Stanley Band for the #1 spot. (MSB lost appeal when I got into college because of a broken record in the student center's jukebox, but that is another story.)

For me the Raised On Radio album was when I started to loose interest. I, like many, were a little pissed with the change from the one-word album titles for new albums. Steve Perry was starting his solo work, which always felt like Journey-light to me. The firing of 2 band members, for no apparent reason, showed egos were becoming an issue. You could see the writing on the wall for the breakup.

Although I picked up Trial by Fire, it just did not feel the same. I even remember in interviews when the tour was cancelled one of the band members had said that the same issues from the original breakup were still there.

I did get a DVD of a Japanese concert from there Arrival tour. It had the feel of the old Journey. I have yet to get their latest album. Frankly Arrival was a surprise to me. One of the problems of becoming old - you just can't keep up with everything.

Even with my changing tastes in music, Journey is still a constant in my play list. And as Scalzi pointed out, Journey is up there with Barry White for make out music.

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