Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Congress debates ban on Internet gambling - Yahoo! News

Congress debates ban on Internet gambling - Yahoo! News:

Internet gambling is addictive, dangerous and should be outlawed,...

Mmmmm....cigarettes are also addictive & dangerous yet you do not outlaw them. Same goes for alcohol. For that matter there are many addicted to sex, yet it is still legal. (At least as long as you are a man & a woman, with the lights out and ONLY for procreation. Did I get enough sarcasm in that?)

Is the drunk that looses his job any different from a gambler who looses his money? ANYTHING can be addictive, dangerous, and a "serious threat to families and our society" (from Rep. Tom Osborne). Interestingly you can still bet on horses online. Can you say hypocrisy? I knew that you could.

This reeks of two things. First an election year tidbit to the conservatives who think everyone is stupid and needs to be treated like a 10 year old. Second, and more likely, this is a way to drive more money into real-world casinos that are sprouting up more and more across the nation. Real-world gambling = more money for government.

I do not gamble, online or otherwise. I do not see the fun in it. At least with poker there is some skill involved and there is some control in your hands. If you are going to stop one type of gambling online, then ALL types must be stopped.

An interesting side note - there is a note that most sports approve this ban because they feel that "web wagering could hurt the integrity of their sports." There have been plenty of documented cases of thrown games before online betting, and there will be plenty after. As long as there is ANY betting there will be no integrity.

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Josh said...

If this passes I am going to love seeing them try to enforce it.