Saturday, August 08, 2009

Problems with cats

Today I have a leg that looks like a scratching post thanks to the kittens. A week ago it was ok when they would attach themselves to my sweat pants. Today they are getting through the pants and scratching the crap out of my legs.

On the opposite end of the age range, Bright Eyes is not looking too good. She is 17, possibly 18 and not moving very well. There is not much I can do for her other than make her comfortable. I am setting up a litter box up stairs for her and the little ones who cannot get to the basement yet.

The funniest thing though has been meal time. The older 2 cats have gotten soft food and the younger ones have been eating hard food. Aside from mom getting into the trash from time to time to clean off a bone, that has been how things have been. Lately though 2 of the little ones have been going out and pushing the older, larger cats aside and eating out of their bowls! The first time I saw it I thought sure the little one was going to get slapped around, maybe even bit but the older cats just either moved aside to share or, in the case of 12+ pounds of Fuzz Butt just run away.

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