Friday, April 07, 2006

101 things in 1001 days

I am finally jumping on the bandwagon. Check out Triplux for more information, and a copy of the script for the countdown. Unfortunately Blogger does not want to allow the script to run. My 1001 days in 2 Jan 2009.

1. Find 300 total caches
2. Walk 5 days A week for 3 straight months
3. Read 100 books
4. Completely clean out office
5. Get rid of entertainment center
6. Paint living room
7. Transfer all cds to MP3
8. Finish Route 66 walking program
9. Finish Civil War walking program
10. Finish Lewis & Clarke walking program
11. Finish College Walking program
12. Get a new car
13. Paint outside of House
14. Paint kitchen
15. Paint bedroom
16. Paint office
17. Paint Bathroom
18. Setup tai chi area
19. Complete a self study Javascript book
20. Finish Watch AFI's top 100 American Films of All Time
21. Replace basement windows
22. Lose 50 pounds
23. Replace tool bench
24. Landscape side of house
25. Finish Great Lakes Walking program
26. Finish Lighthouse Walking program
27. Finish Revolutionary War walking program
28. Finish Pony express Walking program
29. Walk a total of 2300 miles
30. Complete NaNoWriMo
31. Complete the Gold Award in the President's Challenge
32. Replace hose faucet
33. Take 500 pictures
34. Learn to juggle 3 balls
35. Release 200 Bookcrossing books
36. Get my Amazon wish list to transfer to my Palm through synch
37. Get my Netflix queue to transfer to my Palm through synch
38. Setup my old machine as a server
39. Get a new hair style
40. Get back in school for my accounting degree
41. Get a Microsoft certification
42. Complete at least half of the hours for my associate in Metaphysical studies at
43. Complete Blogathon
44. Visit Lily Dale, NY
45. Setup my scanner (or get a new one if needed)
46. Get a t-shirt from Rubber City Clothing
47. Attend First Night
48. Get a computer desk
49. Take 1 yoga class a week for at least 3 months
50. Get a t-shirt from Think Geek
51. Get 150 volksmarch award
52. Update my resume (I have not touched it in 12 years)
53. Update my will
54. Visit either the new art museum (currently closed for construction) or Summit Art Space
55. See a live play
56. Go to an Akron or Cleveland symphony concert
57. Play a round of mini golf
58. Do morning pages every day for 2 months
59. Take a pottery class
60. Get coffee table up to attic (harder than you would think - need to clean a space in the attic!)
61. Get a set of gel pens for work
62. Get caught up on my magazine reading. Stay that way for a month.
63. Give 1 gallon of blood
64. Get new bed pillows
65. Get smaller trash/recycle cans for the kitchen
66. Setup a compost pile.
67. Redo The Artist Way, preferably with a group
68. Get a massage.
69. Come up with a signature item for geocaching.
70. Transfer last 2 phase study group tapes to MP3.
71. Get a program to extract the data from my time log into something useful for my timesheet
72. Get WiFi working again at home
73. Get a new cell phone
74. Get one of my many posters framed and hung somewhere in my house.
75. Overhaul the look of my blog
76. Replace drapes in office
77. Clean out my silverware drawer of all the crap I don't use
78. Get new glasses
79. Complete "Drawing for Dummies"
80. Watch all avaiable Stargate:SG1 episodes on DVD
81. Get my photo on my blog
82. Visit the Akron Zoo
83. Get a digital recorder I can use while driving and later convert the files to MP3.
84. Get an icon for my blog
85. Clean out my old software.
86. Pay off my new car from above.
87. Try 12 new receipes
88. Get something to transport my crystals in, with appropriate covers/padding
89. Get rid of my unused bulletin board
90. Get rid of my unused filing cabinet
91. Catch up on all the Star Trek:Hidden Frontier episodes
92. Get my inbox to 0 emails.
93. Visit Niagra Falls.
94. Fix my headboard
95. Attend after work social at least once a month for 6 months
96. See Mt. Rushmore
97. Clean off kitchen table. Eat dinner off of the table for a month.
98. Meditate every day for 1 month
99. Take clothe bags shopping every week for 3 months
100. Edge around the sidewalk, driveway, etc.
101. Complete 1 volkesbike event.


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