Wednesday, April 05, 2006

How I Work: Bill Gates - Apr. 4, 2006

How I Work: Bill Gates - Apr. 4, 2006

An interesting article. Some do have a valid complaint about how Microsoft software works. At least Bill (and all of Microsoft) uses its own products.

As a recent multi-monitor convert I can say there is a productivity gain from adding at least 1 monitor. For most of us I can't imagine more than 3 monitors as being beneficial, and in fact I would say many would find 3 to be a hinderance.

I like the idea of the tablet & desktop, along with the white board that will convert your scribblings into a graphic. Tablet PCs are just coming into their own, although they are still a little out of reach for the average PC user (corporate or home). Maybe Microsoft's new Ultra-Moble PCs will make tablet PCs available to the masses. I have resisted blogging about these (the Origami project) until they come out, but these have some great opportunity to get tablet programming to the unwashed masses (or at least us poor geeks).

I am of the opinion that, eventually, people will have several sized tablet-style computers much like you would have different sized pads of paper. The Ultra-Mobile will probably have limited use, much like a the half-sized notepads. The biggest use will be the small sized Palm/Pocket PC sized devices and the larger tablets. These I think are the common sized of papers used by people as well.

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