Friday, March 31, 2006

Beacon Journal | 03/30/2006 | We've lost that sense of identity

Beacon Journal | 03/30/2006 | We've lost that sense of identity

This struck a big chord with me. Now I have to admit I have not shopped at any of the places mentioned in the column, for various reasons:

Varca - It is on the wrong side of town and hard to get in & out of. I have been known to go to Bierce Hardware in Tallmadge before it became an Ace Hardware. I still get my glass repaired there.

Ahern's - I am not big on flowers, but even when we had to order them we worked with a store closer to our house. It, unfortunately, has closed as well.

Albright's - Frankly I don't buy that much lighting. One desk lamp and an outside flood light does not make for a great way to support any business.

The Freez - Out of the way for a custard stand, especially when I am about 5 minutes from the original Stricklands. They get 99% of my summer ice cream business.

The Hatterie - I do not wear that many hats. I have not bought a hat in at least 5 years, possibly longer.

However the point is a good one. I do try to support businesses that truely want to become a part of the community as much as I can. One store I do support is Acme grocery stores. My organic stuff is usually bought from The Mustard Seed or Kriegers.

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