Thursday, March 09, 2006

Tribble or Hairball?

There are times I doubt the intelligence of my cat Fuzzbutt. However he has learned that, pretty much, if I am reaching for him from my chair he is either going to a) to get petted b) get wet with flea stuff or c) get combed out, which usually hurts. Fuzzbutt likes to roll around on his back and he ends up with matted hair around his shoulders along his spine where he can't reach while cleaning.

Today he jumped up beside me while I was sitting on my bed. I keep a comb for my cats near by for just such an emergency. The above tribble-like clump of hair was from the combing. If he would just settle down beside me more often we would not have to go through all this hair pulling.

Here he is after all the combing:

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Debbie Huggins said...

Tribbles can be alot of trouble. Look what happened on the USS Enterprise. Good thing Scotty could transport them off the ship.