Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Beacon Journal | 03/14/2006 | Schools double teacher job cuts

Beacon Journal | 03/14/2006 | Schools double teacher job cuts

I'm tired of the scare tactics, and frankly they will not work. Two words - charter schools. Akron Public Schools are making themselves irrelevant.

The School Board flat out lied to us about no schools getting shut down to get us to sign onto the reconstruction plan. You are talking about even further school closing, some regardless of the passing of the levy. Frankly if you are shutting schools down you don't need as many teachers anyways.

I can't afford any more, and frankly until the State legislator gets off its ass to fix school funding in a way that is constitutional according to the Ohio Supreme Court I am not voting for any more taxes for schools. I think we all should do that, maybe then instead of debating the state amphibian we can get our state representatives to do something constructive like fund public schools.

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I saw your blog when looking for other people interested in Ohio School Funding.

I think there are problems at the local level that may be holding up the process of funding reform. I am studying the issue from that point of view.

For example:

Local School districts cannot trace where State foundation money goes. They cannot trace where local money goes. The two funding sources need to be accounted for separately through the system. If State foundation money is going to fund activities beyond State requirement we have a problem. If Local money is going to fund State requirement we have a problem. There is no way for the State to know if foundation money is spending efficiently and is enough to cover the state requirements.

Interested in your comments.

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