Saturday, November 03, 2007

The days of blogging, already out of ideas

Sad, but true.

I am just about all caught up from being on vacation. Still need to send out some emails, but otherwise ok.

One of the weirdest things is my TV has stopped receiving remote signals. Now this is not a huge deal, except that I cannot switch the TV to watch DVDs. I do not mind walking across the room to turn the TV on and off, and the TiVo handles the channel changes, but not being able to get to the DVD player is tough. No button for that on the TV. I am getting fresh batteries and some window cleaner to see if I can get it all working again. Fingers crossed I do not need a new TV.

Eyeing my bathroom for some work. There is a wall that my brother fixed for mom that needs sanded. He wanted to, but mom, for some reason, would not let him sand it. A few tile have fallen off as well. If I can get the money together I also need to replace the faucets on the sink. I love the sink, although it also could use replacing, but the faucets are 50+ years old and I could not find stems to replace what is there. I fear that I will have to replace the whole sink as well. Not a big deal, but more than I want to spend. Plus paint of course. I would love to completely replace the gray & maroon tile, but that is more than I can swing at this time. For now smooth walls with fresh paint and running water in the sink are my goals.

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