Friday, November 02, 2007

Interesting observation

Since my car was in the shop most of the day (brakes), I got a late start on doing things. I was running around tonight and took a swing by 'stripper row' as I like to call it. Because of the zoning laws, many strip clubs have come up along two roads not far from home. With so many I find it hard to believe they can be doing much business. Tonight I got to put my theory to the test.

About 10 PM I was out and decide to take a bit of a detour. Of the first 4 I drove by, 2 seemed to be doing pretty good, one not so good and the other was tough to tell since it was in a strip mall with another bar. Turning the corner the other 4 did not seem to be doing as well. One actually looked closed, based on the number of cars in the lot and one only had 2 cars in it. This assessment is very biased and based purely on how full the parking lots looked.

Given how things have been going here in Ohio, I am surprised these places can stay open at all. I have done bachelor parties at strip clubs before and I do not get the appeal. Apparently though enough people do find it interesting.

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