Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Ok, now the writer's strike kick's in

Since the writer's strike is really starting to kick my viewing habits around, I am getting caught up on some of my podcasts. I caught an episode of Stranger Things and they mentioned the post what I shall be doing while reruns and crap reality tv abound. Interesting reading if you are looking for some fill in. Make sure to read all the comments because there are some good recommendations.

I have already finished 7th Son, and would recommend it also for you 24 viewers. I never got into 24, but from the clips I have seen it looks right up your alley.

Although I am a fan of Scott Sigler, to the uninitiated his stories are not family friendly, but still great stories. With football season winding down, The Rookie might fit the bill. Not typical Sigler, but still good. His Infected/Infested/whatever-it-is-being-called-today is my personal favorite, although it seems to have disappeared from his site. I would recommend listening to Ancestor then Earthcore. Although I enjoyed Earthcore, I like Ancestor better.

Playing For Keeps was recommended for those who like Smallville, but would also work for those who follow Heroes. Playing For Keeps reminds me a lot of Mystery Men as far as the characters & their powers, but still a well told story. (Now to get my picture in my Keepsie's Bar t-shirt.) Although it comes out every other week (or so), the Secret World Chronicles is interesting. Lots of existing material though.

Although they have not come out with an episode since October, Mondays is a non-family friendly comedy/geek show that might fill in your need for a sitcom. Some computer geeky talk, but mostly just funny stuff. Mark Miller's 'Dumber than Me' segments should not be listened to while eating or drinking.

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Scott Sigler said...

INFECTED (yeah, that's what it's being called now) was pulled down because it's been re-written for the hardcover release on April 1. I'll be podcasting the new version beginning in March.