Thursday, January 03, 2008

A time to clean

I had noticed a pile of crap on my dresser. Lots of caching stuff, loose change, random pieces of paper, etc. that is just piling up.

Well the paper was pretty much useless. Found out I had 3 different stacks of geocoins and 3 different stacks of path tags going right there for no reason other than it is where I empty my pockets. A bunch of zip lock bags later and there is some order to the chaos that is my life. Now if I could just find something a little sturdier but that closed up just as tight. Everything is just heavy enough to cause some problems with the baggies.

I also took the time to put my path tag collection together in a fancy album. I really like the way the album looks and it seems sturdy. Most importantly though it does not seem to come loose and send the tags flying around like a lot of other things I have tried. Unfortunately it looks like some of my collection has come up missing. Given I was storing them in an envelope it is not surprising. They are probably lurking somewhere, just need to turn them up.

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