Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I hate MP3 juke boxes

I have decided that I hate my Creative Labs Zen Extra. Ok, normally I LOVE the thing - nice interface, big buttons for fat fingers, and great price. I can even suffer with the lack of a play count on the thing (which would make syncing podcasts a TON simplier).

However I just reloaded a chunk of my music after doing a firmware upgrade. This thing holds 40 gig. I had about 10-12 gig on it, and I have a fair chunk of it to go. Unfortunately I lost a chunk of my ripped music with my hard drive failure last year, which means instead of copying it to my external HD (a Western Digital Passprot USB 40 gig drive) from the Zen I have to re-rip about 50 CDs.

Granted I was warned before hand, and I should have waited to make sure I had everything on my Passport. But given the size of jukeboxes (and they are getting bigger) there should be a way to upgrade the firmware without wiping the drive. Especially for those of us who still have USB 1.1 on our machines.

On a semi-related note - if you have a Creative Labs MP3 player, pick up Notmad Explorer. Yea it costs $25, but I just zipped all my music over quickly, and when you add a directory(ies) it will ask you if you want to create a playlist. Without a playcount this is a great way to get the latest stuff you just added, and makes working with your MP3 player as easy as working with a Windows app. Best $25 I spent on software in a long time.

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