Tuesday, January 17, 2006

New Technology Boosts Hard Drive Capacity - Yahoo! News

New Technology Boosts Hard Drive Capacity - Yahoo! News

I hate to say it, but is this a good thing? People already do not manage their hard drive space because space is so cheap it is easier to leave crap on the machine and add a new drive than to really clear out the stuff you are not using.

The Feb 7th issue of PC Magazine talked about 1 terabyte (1024 gigs) drives affordable by the unwashed masses by the end of the year. I realize with music, video, scads of digital pics, email, and eBooks (they have not really caught on but with electronic ink they may) we need more space than in the past. But 1 terabyte? Home servers, OK. High end home systems for people shuffling large amounts of video? Ok. Mom & dad who browse, do email and keep digital photos? Over kill.

Just like when we have to clear out our physical space, we also need to clear out our electronic space periodically.

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