Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Video iPod + Short Run Series = Happy Customers

I was watching i TV which was running both Mysterious Ways and Body & Soul. Mysterious Ways ran for 44 episodes and Body & Soul only aired 8 (a ninth was never aired). I loved both of these series - both were shows I would go out of my way to watch.

Given these shows originally aired on Pax TV (which I think is now i TV based upon the shows on i), and they were some of the worst rated original shows on Pax, I doubt these shows will ever be put out on DVD. Not enough "perceived market" for these shows, based upon their ratings when on the air. Two other shows that I like, and would buy if available, are Tremors: The Series & The Others.

Truth be told, only Tremors: The Series probably has the numbers to warrent a full, proper DVD release. Tremors has a built in cult following. Mysterious Ways could pick up some viewers in DVD release, in my opinion. The other two are more "add to my NetFlix queue" type of series.

However, with the new video iPod and iTunes having TV series, could some of these old series get new life? I know some of the hang up has been music rights, but only 1 of these series might have had expensive music. This would allow for the fans to get the series at a reasonable cost, the owner of the rights would make a little more money with minimal (or no) outlay on their part. I am not an iTunes fan, but I would use it and maybe even buy a video iPod if that would let me have these series.

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