Monday, June 22, 2009

Clearing Out The To Do List

Oh, and I am with kittens.

I have been slacking off for the last week or so with getting things done. Yesterday started a new week and I am really getting caught up with things. I finished off a book that I have been wading through. Great content - just very dense with information! I will talk more about that yesterday.

Last Thursday though was the big day for Buddy - she finally had her kittens. Five of them unfortunately which means that some of them will have to go. I have a 3 cat limit, although with one being 17 I am going to keep 1 of the kittens. Sure some cats live to be 20, but with her early life I doubt she will make it that far. I would keep 2 if need be, but I would prefer to limit myself to 1 of the kittens. Next I need to find out when I can take Buddy to be fixed and when I can start to get rid of some of them. It might sound cruel, but I do not have the money to make sure they all get fixed to stop this from happening again. Plus I do not want to get too attached :).

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