Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Voted Today

I voted early in the mayoral recall. The process was mostly painless but took a little longer than I expected. Given the HUGE ballot of 1 item I would have thought things would have moved along quicker.

I voted against the recall. The biggest reason is that the people FOR the recall have not made a good enough case to roll the dice on god knows who.  Even worse the election is costing the city money that they claim is being mis-managed currently.

I do agree that our current mayor suffers from foot-in-mouth disease a little more often than he should and tends to let ego get in the way. And maybe after 20+ years we could use a different ways of doing things. None of that is just cause to remove the mayor midterm, in my opinion. If you did not like the mayor, maybe you should run against him at the next election.

I do not care what party people are from. I vote for the person I feel will do the job best. So far no one has offered me a good enough reason to vote for them as mayor of Akron. At least I know what I get with the current mayor.

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