Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Working The List

I have been clearing off my todo list after a week or so of ignoring most of it. It feels much better to actually clear things off. Not quite as good a feeling when you finish a project like cleaning a room or building something but still good. I was surprised how much dirt that you can't see got picked up my the sweeper today.

I have been cleaning out some things that have been sitting around for years in some cases. Obviously I am not going to use these things, so it is time to move them along. Once I get the main level cleaned out then it will be on to the basement & attic. I have been trying to locate some old cassette tapes but I have not been successful. I am not as concerned with those areas though.

I have been getting things done that are not on the todo list as well. David Allen might hit me, but there are some things that just do not appear on my list that I still need to do. This has been a slow process.

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