Friday, June 05, 2009

Glad Crazy May is gone

May seemed to be the psycho month. Lots of weirdness - spent a lot of time helping my brother on some must do projects, dealing with a pregnant cat and one who seems to be incontinent. Also getting 100+ emails a day has made for a busy month. Now it is behind me and I can get things back to normal. (We will see about the emails...)

On the cat front - I knew that Buddy had gotten out before I could get her to the vet. I was hoping that nothing happened, but just like a horny teenager she hooked up, probably multiple times. Yea, I know having a female cat named 'Buddy' is weird. That is what my nieces & nephew took to calling her before we found out it was a her. My guess was she was not too far off of being weaned when they found her. Friendly enough cat (as can be seen from her current state :)), and see seems to get along with Fuzzbutt. If nothing else she is the first cat I have had that actually uses the scratching post! With any luck she will have just one kitten. As I told my brother, if it is just 1 I might keep it since Bright Eyes is 17. It would violate my 3 cat limit, but like I said Bright Eyes is 17. Still cranky as ever, but 17 is getting on there for a cat. Once the kitten(s) are weaned though Buddy gets to see the vet.

I have been programming. I found out how to set the playback speed on Windows Media Player (WMP) to 2x, so I am back to using that when I am at my machine. Great for listening to Podcasts, however I still have the problem of maintaining the play count between iTunes & WMP. Fortunately with a little digging on the Internet & some quality programming time (in 15 minute increments :( ) I was able to update the play count between both programs.

Next I want to add deleting podcasts that I listened to 2 or more months ago. This is the same criteria I usually use for keeping my email clean - after 2 months if it is in the delete or sent folder I kill it off. Important emails are saved out of the email system. I want to do the same with podcasts. The big problem is that the last played date is read only in WMP. I have not tried updating the field in iTunes, but it is easy enough to check either date. The one variation I do want to create on this one is creating a file for what will be deleted with the next running of the program. That way I can take the time to move any files that I may want. I would say 99% of what I listen to can be deleted afterwards, but there are a few shows, such as Manager Tools, that are nice to go back and listen to.

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