Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Bad Blogger, no donut

It has been awhile since I put out just a regular post, so I thought I would try to catch up today.

The leg is still swollen, but the nasty toxin areas are slowly being absorbed. I am still taking the doctor's advice and getting back into walking slowly. I did 1 mile tonight along with my tai chi class, which I have not been to in over a month. My feet are killing me, but otherwise I feel pretty good.

I am trying to get a USB 2.0 PC card to work in my laptop. So far not so good with my thumb drive. Maybe it will work better with the external HDs that I got it to work with.

Over the weekend my brother and I (mostly him) powerwashed my house. Of course now I need to paint the house because the aluminum siding on the house is 20+ years old and was starting to flake off before we started washing. Later that night my brother & nephew had a guys night out and went to see Star Wars III. It was my favorite of the first trilogy, but I still like the second trilogy better. Maybe I'm a little old school. I do have to agree with Mur Lafferty of Geek Fu Action Geek - Padme was a bit whiny, although I do allow for stress & hormones. Face it - her husband was going through some rather radical changes. As an exercise for the reader - figure out the inconsistence between Episodes III and IV. Oliver Willis also noted a parallel between the formation of the Empire and the Bush adminisration. I can see where he felt this way.

One last thing about Star Wars - I knew that Mace Windu (Samual L. Jackson's character) was going to die. No shock there - all but 2 Jedi were dead at the beginning of Episode IV. I said when they killed him they had best give him a good death scene, especially after what he did in Episode II.

Overall though I have just been alternating between too busy & crashing.

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