Sunday, July 03, 2005

This and That

It is amazing how much one can get done when not watching TV. I knocked a bunch of things off my to do list even with the heat. The humidity is starting to go up - weather man says to expect thunderstorms on Tuesday, which means a few days of yuck humidity. The biggest thing was getting a filing cabinet into place. I have had a big office grade 4 drawer filing cabinet sitting in the middle of the room since Feb. when we moved the office. I just today got it out of the way and started to transfer the files from my old 3 drawer cabinet. The new one is much deeper and the old one, but I found a place to fit it in. I am still not 100% sure what I am going to do with the lab, but I do know that the drapes and carpet have to go at some point. I have a few pieces of furniture I would love to get rid of, but that will mean finding a place for my sheets, blankets and soap and stuff. This house was built in the 50s and has 0 storage space. There is a small closet that I may try to make use of.

I finally got a walk in today. Only half a mile on the track, but it is something. I need to get back into it slowly so I don't piss off my leg. It is angry enough ;).

In today's Parade Magazine (it comes with my Sunday newspaper) they had a reader question about Gerald Ford (sorry, these do not appear to be listed on their web page). Pretty much they said he is doing pretty good for a 92 year old who has had 2 strokes. He still gets out and plays golf (and is probably still something of a hazard) and swims a few laps every day.

Ford was one of my favorite presidents. Pretty much the guy never really had much of a chance to do anything, which was somewhat on purpose given that he was a big compromise between the Republicans & Democrats, was the butt of a lot of jokes (who remembers Chevy Chase falling into the draps at the Oval Office?). A lot of things were over played, like his notorious golf game. According to some pros at Firestone Country Club (where they used to hold the tournament of champions) he actually is a pretty good golfer, but has a wicked slice just like a lot of players.

Personally I think he would have made a pretty good president, given half a chance. Not now of course, but in his day. I might be biased though since he is a fellow Eagle Scout. As someone who made it all the way through I can tell you that shows a lot about him. When I was in, 1 in 100 boys entering scouts made Eagle. It takes a lot of dedication, intelligence, and at times bravery to make it. Maybe in Ford's day you did not learn a lot about dealing with others, but a part of making it to Eagle is to become a leader. It is too bad I cannot support the Boy Scouts anymore given their current stand on gays & certain religions.

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