Sunday, July 31, 2005

Busy day

It was a long, busy day. It is amazing what can get done in about a half hour of cleaning. Lots of other stuff as well, although the kitchen was still too hot to do the dishes, unfortunately.

I watched a movie called The Movie Hero. The "hero" of the movie believed he was in a movie and, essentially, one of the characters. He regularly talks to the audience, refers to his love interest (Dina Meyer, who has been in a lot more than I had thought) as "love interest" instead of her name, walks around Hollywood Blvd. with a sandwich sign and trying to find a side kick. Very weird, but fun. It is no worse than any of the other crap movies out there.

One of the things that I really liked is at the beginning of the film our hero, played by Jeromy Sisto, had a very passionite speach about movies. Mentioning things like who did not feel that could accomplish anything after watching Rocky or The Karate Kid, believe in love after Titanic (and other films, but I don't recall them) and similar types of things.

This got me to thinking about some of the films that I like to watch when I am down or whatever. Note - no links. Most of them are old enough and main stream enough.

The Last Dragon - A hero's journey, and a reminder that all I really need is within myself.

The Karate Kid - If I ever need a boost to get things done, this would be the movie to watch.

Mystery Men - If Karate Kid is not available, this is a good substitute. These people are not the best superheros, but sometimes the second string is all you got.

Hudson Hawk - Sure, most people think this movie sucks out load, but to me there is no faster way out of the blues.

Kissing Jessica Stein - A quirky romantic comedy. A reminder that sometimes love is right under you nose.

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