Monday, November 28, 2005

Beacon Journal | 11/27/2005 | Restaurant sale on eBay is new world

Beacon Journal | 11/27/2005 | Restaurant sale on eBay is new world

The article quotes some interesting numbers - like $3.3 billion in business category sales alone for a year, 157 million users worldwide. I like this quote:

``It's become a marketplace where everything's negotiable,'' said Mike Schiller, a management consultant who teaches e-business at the University of Akron. ``We have no idea where this is going. Young people are growing up with it; (the technology) is making things much more available than they ever used to be.''

eBay is only 10 years old and 1 category is already handling 3.3 billion in transactions in a year? Think what will happen when in another 10 years.

However it is always interesting to see how people are using technology, and how people forget how things were in the "dark ages." Mur Lafferty was commenting on one of her podcasts about how TiVo is shaping her daughters viewing habits and she is only 2-ish. How do you explain to a 2 year old that at one point not only did you have to sit down at a specific time to watch TV but that you could not stop it and pick up where you were?

The year I graduated high school we got the first real computer lab in the Akron Public Schools in 1983. I remember when the thought of a home computer was laughable. Now I hear people talk about not being able to live without the Internet. In the 20-odd years since high school home computers have gone from a luxary to a necessity. What will the next 20 years hold?

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