Tuesday, November 29, 2005

pesky'apostrophe: always better than an unexpected period.

pesky'apostrophe: always better than an unexpected period.

Mac definately has a way about her. I particularly like her ending:

Well...you know how it is with the new conservative—personal responsibility and individual responsibility is only good when we’re talking about getting rid of the welfare system and Social Security and gun ownership. Other than that, all decisions, laws, and private matters should be mandated by the nutty Christian set. All your stuff are belong to us.

Back in the dark days before the V chip, when our "remote control" involved one of us kids running over to the TV to switch the channel, my parents decided what was OK for us to watch. Granted times were simpler and we did not have cable. But there were still shows my parents simply would not watch with us around. We got our nudity the old fashion way - stealing dad's/older brother's/etc Playboy.

This is a problem that will eventually solve itself. As the computer illiterate parents leave parenthood behind the newer, tech-savy parents will be able to setup the V chip, Internet smut guards, etc. in such a way that the kids will not be able to break into them easily.

Granted nothing can stop a kid who is really determined to see "indecent" material. It seems to be the more forbidden the fruit, the more humans want it.

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