Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving (or Thursday for those outside of the USA)

I am sitting here waiting on some laundry to finish so I can head out to my brother's house for Thanksgiving. My peanut butter pie is made for my nieces & nephew and I will grab my roasting pan for the turkey when I go and get my laundry. I get turkey detail - I am the only one willing to clean out the turkey so I get to do cook it as well.

Tomorrow is Buy Nothing Day. I usually try to observe it, with the exception of renewing my car registration. I may hold off until Saturday on that this year. The one exception might be if I go to the gym - my membership is expired so I will have to renew. Maybe instead I'll curl up under a blanket and watch videos all day.

Well sounds like my clothes are done. Everyone have a great day, and for all my fellow Americans out there remember the reason for the day and come up with at least 1 thing you are thankful for before consuming mass quantities and watching too much football.

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