Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving movie fest

Since my brother and I hate football, we typically watch movies all day on Thanksgiving. Granted I do help out some with the cooking, but my big contribution is the turkey which does not take a lot of time to keep up with. Never fear - most of the cooking is usually done so my sister-in-law ends up doing more reheating than anything else. So today we watched:

Robots. A great cast and a rather entertaining movie. Classic underdogs pull together to over throw the "cool" kids, but it was very well done. A great one for my nieces & nephew and still entertaining to adults. Then again the "adults" still fnd fart humor funny so your milage may vary.

Batman Begins. A story of how Batman, AKA Bruce Wayne, trained and became the Dark Knight, along with Sgt. Gordon (before becoming the commisioner). I am not sure how close they stayed to the original story. Given how long Batman has been running I am sure at some point they explored it "officially". Enjoyable action film, although it was a bit long and possibly could have had a few things cut without affecting the overall flow of the film. Michael Caine made an excellent Alfred.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High. As someone who went to high school & college in the 80's this was a cool flashback. Mindless drivel, but it has a good cast. Just today I found out that Forest Whitaker was in the film as Charles Jeffereson, the large football player. Man did he look young! He is probably best known as the private that works as Robin Williams' sidekick in "Good Morning Vietnam". He does a lot of directing as well.

And before heading over I watched House of D. I had trouble getting into the story itself. The movie itself was ok - good acting, moved along, etc. but the story itself just did not grab me. I hate when the elements come together but the story just is not interesting. Honestly the only reason I stuck through the whole film was the actors.

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