Thursday, December 15, 2005

An answer to your question SBC

Dear Yahoo SBC,

I heard an ad today that asked "Why would anyone spend over $150 more for Time-Warner Internet?" Well - because you will not provide me with DSL. (I could mention that Time-Warner is faster as well, but that is not my concern here.)

I have been listening for months it seems about how much cheaper you are. And you are - your $16.99/month price is well over half that of what I pay to Earthlink/Time-Warner. I would LOVE to switch. Even switching to the advertised professional price on your website would save me about $240/year.

Even better - I would love to take advantage of your package deal of local (which you already service), long distance (that I do not use), satelitte TV & DSL for $85/month. Right now I pay more to Time Warner for my cable & internet alone. I would not even be too concerned over the mix of channels and the bad reception when there is heavy snow (don't lie to me - I have talked with people who have satelitte and they all say the same thing). I might even consider abandoning Verizon and trying Cinglar to see how much more I could save. Give me the Kool-Aid - I'm ready to drink!

My brother living a block away can get DSL. One block. One stinking block. There is even a school that is a block away that I believe also gets DSL. Wny not me? I would even be willing to pay you to come in and re-wire all the phone lines in my house. Come on, please?

At the very least could you stop teasing me with your ads?

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