Sunday, December 25, 2005

Happy Holidays!

Just to do my bit to annoy a few people out there ;). The last few days I have been involved in holiday festivities.

Christmas Eve was spent wrapping up my holiday shopping. Saturday is my usual grocery shopping day, so I made the final food buy for our Christmas dinner. Brian got a ham from work, I brought sides and we had a the fixings for a good meal. If it was not for the ham we probably would have just had left overs on Christmas day from Christmas Eve. I also had to get 2 last minute gifts and some food for Christmas Eve. I did my wrapping while watching an disc from Farscape Season 3.

Christmas Eve is when my sister-in-law's family gets together. It is only her and 2 sisters and their kids, which is 2 teenage boys. I get invited since I am alone and my meal would be Taco Bell or McDonalds otherwise. The boys usually go off and play video games, the girls wander between watching videos and listening to the adults, and the adults get to catch up and have some conversation with other adults.

I was having some fun with my one niece - I told her that the plan was I was going to come over about 3, cook dinner, we would eat and THEN we would open gifts. I did not think I human's jaw could hang open that far. I think I even saw a tear in the corner of her eye before I told her I was kidding.

Christmas is spent over at my brother's house. We do the gifts in the morning, let the kids go off and play while the adults sleep in front of the TV. Usually one or more of us get a DVD so we watch it to make sure it is good, especially since we sometimes get used from the local Blockbuster. I picked one up for my brother off of eBay so we really wanted to check it out. We even watched a little football, mostly because it was on. My brother is usually getting ready for work, I'm usually watching DVDs and my sister-in-law was busy with stuff so none of us knew what was on.

So what did I get? An electric griddle & waffle iron. Yea, I know it sounds exciting, but it is something I needed. None of us were exactly flush with cash this year, and I would rather my brother spend his money on the kids than me however I know the kids like to make sure I have something to open on Christmas day. I try to have a list of cheap DVDs or other things that they can get me for either my birthday or Christmas. At least this way I get something I can use and not something I will probably end up getting rid of a year or two down the road.

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Anonymous said...

During this season of hustle and bustle, thanks for sending me a gift from my list :)

Your friend,
Dannielle Carroll
Secret Santa 2005