Saturday, December 03, 2005

Workbench: Nude Teens and the National Review

Workbench: Nude Teens and the National Review

Aside from the obvious problems of kiddie porn brought up by this article, I have to agree with Dave that women don't really get interesting until after 20.

It seems in a time with rampant cosmetic surgery that a woman (or man) with a few wrinkles or who may sag a little here and there would be not only interesting, but possibly sexy.

I started to loose my hair at 16, before Rogaine and the like hit the market. Since this was rampant in my family my mom told me if I was going to get a rug, get a good one. I decided the hell with it and just let nature take it course. Even after I could have started Rogaine. The way I figure it I will stand out as one of the few bald guys.

Not everyone wants a Barbie or Ken doll.

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