Sunday, December 04, 2005

Beacon Journal | 12/04/2005 | Zips put bite in new Roo ads

Beacon Journal | 12/04/2005 | Zips put bite in new Roo ads

While going to the University of Akron it was always tough to explain what a kangaroo had to do with Zips. Even harder, and possibly more embarassing, was explaining where they came up with Zips in the first place. (The story was always it was a name of a boot that someone submitted. Sad part was it was the best of the lot.) And of course calling your kangaroo Zippy makes it all the more, well, cuddly for some reason.

About the time I was leaving UA was looking to start updating its look. They had just gotten Buchtel Avenue closed (re-routed officially) - actually making it more like a campus. I still tend to look though when crossing what used to be Buchtel Ave. Old habits die hard. They were introducing the Moving A during my tenure there.

I drive by campus a few times a year, and try to take a walk around once a year or so and the changes are unbelievable. Many of the old buildings have gotten a face lift. Some of the old parking lots are now parking decks. My hope is that the insides have been changed along with the outsides of these buildings. We may have a world class campus here eventually.

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