Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Spending the day in upgrade hell

The last two days have been spent in upgrade hell at work. I needed to upgrade to Windows XP Pro so I could work from home when needed.

Yesterday was mostly waiting for the IT guys to come and pick up my machine. Instead of just upgrading the OS they have an image of the OS and just copy that over. Some of my stuff got copied over, some did not. The biggest thing that did not get copied over are all the development tools. Over the years we have streamlined the process, but it is still a process.

So after the development environments, servers, obscure Windows bits, various programmer tools, mulitple versions of our own software, 8,000 service pack updates and about 1,000 reboots I am now almost back to where I was. I still have a couple of utilities to get installed, plus I lost some of my drive mappings that I still need to be setup.

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