Friday, April 08, 2005

Killing off some admin work

The one key server at work is down so I was unable to get any "real" work (as in work on current projects) done first thing in the morning. On the upside I was able to get some of the crappy admin stuff we all have to do, including getting rid of the mass of post it notes that I had around my computer (picture later in the day).

I am still struggling with the whole internet problem at work. After 45 minutes of getting bounced around between Earthlink (who provides my service) and Time-Warner (who owns the lines into my house) Monday I have a new modem that will will not hook up to anything except through USB. I did hook my computer up to another network through the network card with no problems so it is, hopefully, just a cable problem. Given I tried 2 different cables earlier so I am not holding my breath on this, but we will see.

I hope to have some time over the weekend to get a slightly better post. I am probably going to sign up for Flickr since I am going to meet with some friends and will have my digital camera with me. I need to get a smaller, pocket sized camera. I guess I could pick up a camera phone, although my current cell phone contract would suck for that, and I really enjoy the $9.95 a month. I am not sure if a camera phone stores the photos for later download. For a geek I know very little about cell phones.

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