Sunday, April 10, 2005

Usually lunacy on the weekend

So far I have had my usual lunacy for the weekend, so things have not been great.

I did get to meet with some friends Friday night at a local winery. I'm not much of a drinker, but I do enjoy getting together with friends, and everyone seems to understand when I just drink water all night. Since I had not seen some of these people in a year or more it was nice to meet up and talk. The place was packed, unfortunately, so the noise was a bit overwhelming to me.

Saturday night we celebrated my neices birthday by going out to dinner. I rented the movie Taxi. Not a horrible film. It is the kind of film you just kind of put your mind in neutral and watch.

Kind of a quick check in as I am waiting for dinner to finish cooking (salmon & sweet potatoes with crescent rolls). I have the movie Sideways queued up in the DVD player. Although I am not much of a wine guy, I did enjoy listening to the guys over at Grape Radio talk about the movie and I am a fan of Virginia Madsen (in particular) and Thomas Haden Church from his "Wings" days. I also enjoyed Sandra Oh in Under A Tuscan Sun. She does not have that typical star look, which is refreshing. Maybe as I get older I appreciate the differences in people more.

The ripping of music continues. My last upload to the Zen Nomad put me just under 1500 songs and 117 albums. The large jump in song count was becuase I put the songs from the South by Southwest Music Festival on. I probably already have 2 dozen ablums to upload already. Most have had a song or two already on the Zen, but now I am getting the rest of the album moved up. I also want to pick up a few songs for my CDs in the Burn It Spring edition.

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The Pooper said...

Hi there,

Speaking of the Burn It thing, I just wanted to say hey since I'm part of your group. I plan on getting my CD's out this weekend, so you should have one by Wednesday at the latest.

Just wanted to say hi without being a lurker. LOL