Tuesday, August 16, 2005

43 Folders: David Allen: Handy lists to maintain

43 Folders: David Allen: Handy lists to maintain

One of my favorite sites point to something from David Allen, who is the author of Getting Things Done. I have some of these lists already, since to me they seem to be an extension of what David Allen recommends in his book.

BTW I have just begun Allen's Ready For Anything, which is bringing together many of his articles and tips from the newsletters over the last 2 years and expanding on some of the ideas.

For those who have not worked with Getting Things Done (GTD), Allen takes a more bottom up approach to productivity vs. Stephen Covey who takes a more top down approach. In reality you need to work both ways. You can't concentrate on the higher level items when you are hip deep in email and crap in your mind (lower level stuff), but you can do a lot but not get much done (higher level stuff). Neither person advocates ignoring the opposite end of their concentration, but then again neither does much to help out on how to deal with those ends. It is like somehow we magically know how to deal with these things. Many people I have run into through GTD still do Covey to help them frame their "50,000 feet" stuff (in GTD speak).

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