Friday, August 05, 2005

Another Day in Paradise

Today was a pretty good day. The weather started out shitty rainy but it all cleared up when I left. Low humidity and not too bad temperature made for a nice walk in the park. I hiked The Ledges trail in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Not a bad trail, but because it is along some, well, ledges the trail is a bit rocky. I wish I would have remembered to take my camera - there is an absolutely wonderful view from the top of the trail over the valley. Oh well, the batteries are dead anyways and I need to get them all juiced up for tomorrow.

Work was not even that bad. I actually got a few things done today. The problem with programming, at least at times, is that you can go weeks without actually completing something. Sure you make progress (or at least you SHOULD make progress), but there is just nothing to pass along to the next poor slob person in the process. Actually knocking off a couple of things in a day is something of thrill after what seems like a lifetime of nothing.

Tomorrow I am going up to Lakewood to do a Volksmarch. The weather looks good, and I am only doing 5K (3.1 miles for the metricly challenged). I did 2.5 today and a couple of times this week, so I am hoping that the 5K will not be a problem. Sunday is the last day of the Corporate Challenge up in Cleveland and I agreed to participate in the 1 mile fun walk. There are no points, but it will look good with a bunch of us out on the course in our supplied tshirts. I am always up for a free tshirt!

One thing about the programmer psyche. Somewhere along the line I had read some whining a complaint about how programmers tend to always wear tshirts. There are two reasons for this. First is it simplifies wardrobe selections - drawer full of tshirts, drawer full of jeans. All things match. Grab one from each drawer and you are ready to go. The second is that we tend to get a lot of free tshirts from various sources - tshirts are the swag of choice for the descriminating software/hardware/computer service company. Mouse pads, mugs, pens, etc. are so mundane, hats have limited usefulness (except for all us balding guys, but that is another story). But a tshirt - oh baby the motherload of swag! Some places are even upping the ante and have hoodies! People who want to stand out give tshirts.

Ahh, enough of the geek insight. It is Friday night, so Monk is on. I did watch that new Kathy Griffin show on Wednesday night. It was not bad for a reality show. When I first saw her in "Suddenly Susan" I was a bit put off by her voice. Having seen some of her comedy specials though she started to grow on me. She has some good stuff, she does not need to swear as much as she does in her act. I'm not a big prude or anything, but as I have gotten older I have a greater appreciation for people like Bill Cosby or even Tim Conway who can tell a great story/joke without the need of swearing. Granted there are times when a shit or fuck make the joke, but too often it seems that comedians go for the quick hit by swearing instead of building the joke. Then again that is probably a side effect of the modern audience.

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