Monday, August 29, 2005

Playing Gypsy Today

I took this week off of work. I did not plan on going anywhere per say, just getting away from work since my vacation earlier in the year was canceled due to sickenss.

Since they are still working on my roof, and I did not want to stick around and listen to them bang around up on the roof, I decided to head out at about my normal time and wonder around.

Now my original plan was to do a few Volksmarches, which would eat up a fair amount of time and the one was in New York which would have at least allowed me to sort of go somewhere for the day, even if it was just one day. However last night I did not sleep well – at 12:20 I was still wide awake staring at the ceiling. I dug up Striptease and fell asleep about half way through, but I was still very tired today and did not feel like driving to Cleveland today (New York was to be tomorrow). Good thing since it looks like we are starting to get some affects from Hurricane Katrina with scattered sprinkles. We did get something a little harder, but I have walked in even light sprinkles before and it is no fun when you are walking 6.2 miles (10 K to those metric people). The rest of the week looks like a wash as well. I'm not driving 4 hours to walk in the rain. Today I would not even drive an hour to walk in the rain. There is always another day for this.

So I started my day at 6:30 AM with a trip to McDonalds. Maybe not the best food, but frankly their breakfast is no worse than anyone else, and they have the advantage of not having waitresses that work on tips so I don't feel guilty hanging out there for awhile. I did some reading & writing while there, and listened to the final podcast of Earthcore. I still have the Q&A podcast to listen to. It was a great way to kill a couple of hours though.

Target looked open, but Home Depot was definitely open so I stopped in and picked up a handle for my broken storm door and a motion sensor light for over said door. The handle broke over the winter, and the middle of February is not the time to go fixing a door handle if you can avoid it. The current motion sensor light has not worked in years, but this was put in mostly for my mom after she got on the walker.

After that the weather was kind of crappy, and it was starting to sprinkle so I headed over to the Natitorium to do my walking. I confirmed they still have WiFi so I may stop in tomorrow to get hooked up.

I then headed across town to pick up some lunch that I hand some Entertainment Book coupons for. Since my original plan included going to Cleveland for a walk in the morning, pick up lunch and have a picnic in the park and then burn up the rest of the day had been dumped on I did decide to at least proceed with the lunch plans, although lunch in the park was lunch in the parking lot in the car in case it started to rain again, but at least I was in a park. I went to Heavenly Ham for a sandwich and Robek's for a smoothie. I like Heavenly Ham, although they are a bit price and completely out of the way. It was my first time to Robek's, but it was good. If there was one closer I would probably go there more often.

After that it was back across town to pick up some art supplies for a project I have to do by October at Michaels. Actually Michaels would not have been my first choice, but they were in the area that I wanted to be in. Then it was over to Target to check the price of something (and to see if it would work for what I wanted to do), to PetSmart for some cat food and then to Borders to do some work. My original plan was to do some things on my computer that did not require the Internet since Borders does not have free WiFi and to work on my talk for October. However in my rush to get going this morning there were two things I forgot – my 3 x 5 cards to write my notes for my talk and my Borders cup. I don't mind paying full price for my chai, but I hate doing it when I have a cup that would get me a discount. Grrr! On the upside I did score a power outlet!

Also being a bright individual I left my thumb drive at home, which had a copy of the w.blogger install on it. So this was written in Open Office and then copied, not my idea of productive.

Tomorrow the weather looks like a lot of the same so I will probably be doing something similar since it looks like the guys are working between the sprinkles. Wednesday it looks like we are getting the full monty from Katrina so I will probably get setup to watch movies.

Speaking of movies, over the weekend I watched Beauty Shop with Queen Latifah. The movie was better than I expected. Queen Latifah is really coming into her own as an actress, and she had a great supporting cast. Kevin Bacon played the “bad guy,” although the character was not very good at it. I have noticed that it seems that Kevin is switching from A list pretty boy to playing the bad guy, and sometimes a really bad guy. Everyone may like the hero, but usually it is the bad guy who gets to do the most as far as the actor is concerned. My one complaint: All the white people had southern accents (they were in Atlanta) yet none of the black people did (save one, but his accent was not southern). I would think that your color would not affect your accent if you were born & raised in a given area. Just me.

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