Friday, August 26, 2005

Beacon Journal | 08/25/2005 | New angles on plugging brain drain

Beacon Journal | 08/25/2005 | New angles on plugging brain drain

David Giffels and I are about the same age and have about the same experience of living in Akron our whole lives.

His take on the report is interesting, and I would agree that our Lock 3 could use some development although given all the competition in the area for interesting groups for both Lock 3 and Canal Park (our minor league ball field which could be used for concerts as well) with Cleveland and its various venues will be a tough road.

I would recommend that if we do come up with 1 website for all the Akron happenings that it come with an RSS feed. Gen Xers are notorious bloggers and RSS is the way to manage that. RSS is becoming the way to handle a lot of information (as it should be).

I did disagree on outfitting the buses. I would agree that this needs to be a lower priority until we can get some bike lanes and bus routes to some of the biking trails that actually run on weekends or later at night on the weekends. I know a lot of Gen Xers who love to bike, and given they are looking to try and lure former Akronites back many may like to use public transportation. Our public transportation sucks around here, and that may also be a problem for luring big city folk who have gotten use to 24/7 public transport.

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