Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Beacon Journal | 10/05/2005 | Tax hike proposal

Beacon Journal | 10/05/2005 | Tax hike proposal:

This is what happens when a newspaper pulls stuff directly from the paper and dumps it into an RSS feed - incoherent crap. One small question - which city? I know it is not Akron since we recently had a tax increase for the schools.

"Tax hike proposal

On the ballot: A 0.5 percentage point income tax increase (which will bring the total tax to 2.5 percent), to raise $2.4 million annually.
History: The last 0.5 percentage point tax increase was passed in the early 1980s.
If it passes: More road paving and snow removal.
If it fails: Potential layoffs of city workers, reduction of services."

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